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History of the Decans

Astrologers believe that each of the decans has its own individual character. In modern times, however, the assignment of decans has changed considerably.

Each sign is allocated a triplicity, consisting of three of the four classical elements air, water, earth or fire, and is therefore subdivided into three equal parts of 10 degrees each; these parts are referred to as decans or decanates. Each decan of a sign is assigned rulership by the planet ruling the sign and secondary rulership by the planet ruling the decan.

Let us look at an example using Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

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Aries is a fire sign. So each of the three decanates will be ruled by a fire sign.

Zodiac Decans ~ Their History & Use by Darkstar Astrology

The first decanate is under Aries itself, whose planetary ruler is Mars. The second decan comes under Leo, whose ruler is the Sun.

Born Early In Your Sign? Here's What That Really Means

And finally, the third decan is Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. So immediately you see that there are three different decans, and three different planetary rulers for each of the decans. We offer you the chance to discover the Decans further in our section the short astrological guide. A person born in a first decanate, will not have the same events in store for them that a person born a second decanate will have, while both have the same Sun sign. In daily horoscopes, it is not uncommon to see a mention of specific decans, in order to gain greater insight and precision for the astrological forecasts.

Also note that the use of decans provides a useful complement to the Sun sign. The goal now is to learn under which decan you were born, in order to have a more refined version of your free daily horoscope!

My Sun sign and decan calculator

To calculate your decan, please enter your date of birth below:. I do have a stellium in Libra house 7, although I do not know what this means in depth. Any other information is very helpful.

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Just to get an idea, when would the Libra Decan set be completed? Thanks so much, and happy holidays.

Why Do They Matter?

I try to do them in order of the year. The decan cusps change year to year depending on what date and time the Sun moves into that degree.

source This goes for all decans. Your writing is great, Marina.

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Especially enjoy your in-depth decan descriptions — eerily accurate. Am I missing something, or is it just not there…. I had hoped to complete these decans by the end of the year as I was writing them in sync with the decans in time. I started in Aquarius.