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She, too, went to arts school, but diversified into dress design and photography. The art is what it looks like—that is, a cottage is a cottage. Annabel: My work is deliberately the way it is—clear, simple, straightforward, colorful. This is because the world is so full of angst, complexity, and obscure meaning, that my work is a small, often spontaneous, gesture against this.

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When I notice something humble and simple, such as a dry weed from the previous summer, I like to acknowledge that it deserves a place in the whole, as much as the most obvious and showy flower does—a bit like people, really. On the motorway, I see the verges, where the plants grow, and the sides of the road, just as significant as the main drag.

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My work is intimate, small, and designed to be loved and lived with. Annabel: My influences are very far reaching, too many to mention. Ally: Most of your work is in watercolor and acrylic.

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Are they your preferred media? Annabel: My preferred media are watercolor, acrylic, and pen. How have you benefited from technology? Annabel: Technology has been instrumental in me getting where I am.

Annabel burton daily horoscopes

I use my iPhone to take pictures, upload these to my Facebook and Twitter, and use PayPal for payments. My online presence has meant that my work has been found by some major retailers for reproductions as wall art. I use my Facebook feed as a kind of blog, and love the fact that I can interact with people. They can ask questions and discuss commissions.

Annabel burton daily horoscopes

Sometimes, within half an hour, I can produce a piece of art, upload an image of it, sell it, and get paid. I use my iPad to resource reference material, and my iPhone as a visual sketch pad. Log In.

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Fiction, poetry and art you love Log in. Sign up. Log In Sign Up. Community : People Authors Books Publishers. Something a work relationship, that career advancement that seemed like it was never going to shift suddenly does a […].

Annabel burton daily horoscopes

By Michael Oppenheimer on July 1, Horoscope. Leo July Aug. You could be the center of attention for the first few days, so look good, behave well, and see if you can gain some extra respect and good memories out of it. The July 26th […]. By Michael Oppenheimer on June 1, Horoscope. Cancer June July 22 June tends to be easier for you, dear Cancer.

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Being in the spotlight or in charge is wonderful at times, but we all need a break from too much action, pressure, and decision making, and June gives you opportunities for that break. You could be in the mood to sow some […]. AstroStar Astrology AstroStar offers astrology resources and unique horoscopes including love, feng shui, tarotscopes. Check out the twin soulsum, New Age music, books, oracles and lots more. A good day to start your day is to read your favourite horoscopes online Astrology Insight - Original Free Daily Horoscopes and more!

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