Compatibility of leos and leos

When Bruce Springsteen sang, "When we kiss, oh, fire," he was probably talking about dating a Leo.

No matter who you are, these fiery lions radiate passion and romance. So, it's no wonder that the four zodiac signs most compatible with Leos are also drawn to luxurious and exciting relationships. Fiery Leo will seek a partner who is willing to let them lead, but also able to understand all that comes with being this energetic, spirited, being.

Leo Compatibility: What Zodiac Signs Go With Leo?

According to Carey, though Leos are often most compatible with other Leos, they do well with the other fire signs — Aries and Sagittarius — as well as with air sign, Gemini. Of course, no matter your sign, dating a Leo means turning up the heat. From verbal affirmations to giant displays of affection, Leo loves being in love and wants the world to know it. Both natural leaders, Aries and Leo make a super hot pair. These two are also both fixed signs, so it is unlikely that they will be able to compromise enough to live together in any type of harmony.

Leo & Leo // Compatibility

Scorpio : Scorpio and Leo both have incredibly strong personalities, but unfortunately the two are so different that they will find it difficult to ultimately get along. Although it is possible for these two to get along if both are open to compromise, it will be tough to find common ground and see eye to eye.

Leo : As is the case with many two-of-a-kind matches, two lions together can be wonderful in many ways.

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If they are able to give as well as they get when it comes to the praise and admiration Leos require, this can be a very pleasant, loving union. This is also a very compatible combination in the bedroom. Aquarius : This is a pairing in which the two are generally very strongly attracted to one another.

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They both dream big dreams and want big things out of life. However, they have two very different approaches to the matter. However, if both are open to compromise, it is possible to find a way to make their differences work for them, as opposed to against them. Leo Compatibility. Best Matches Sagittarius : Both Sagittarius and Leo are robust, fiery, fun-loving signs that share a mutual love of adventure and freedom, both in love with the experience of life itself.

5 Things GUARANTEED To Happen When A Leo Dates Another Leo | YourTango

Worst Matches Capricorn : There are few signs that are more complete opposites than Leo and Capricorn. Both have a deep soul need for self-expression and can be an understanding ally.

Sunny Leo loves having a Leo cheerleader in their corner. Only a Leo knows instinctively just how much applause is enough.

Worst Matches

And when there's love and respect, it's freely given. Honesty about shortcomings leads to greater intimacy, as the proud Lion learns that it's okay to show vulnerability.

Leo and Leo Emotional Compatibility

Since two Leos have a double dose of ego and pride, it'll be fruitful to look at any barriers these tendencies create. Being "right" is not as important, in the end, as being loved. But stubborn Leo has to sometimes learn that the hard way. But Leo, when all is said and done, is the big-hearted lover of the Zodiac. Love conquers all when it counts the most. If competition crowds out the feelings of good will, this signals the beginning of the end.

If neither wants to share the stage, that's a sign that there are too many big egos in the room. Updated April 27, The royal couple needs to put their relationship first for this union to endure.