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It re-entered the sign of Taurus in March Its transit is bringing vast and far-reaching effects to our society into The eclipse is the most powerful event in astrology.

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These Cancer, Aquarius and Leo eclipses called us to vastly transform our notions of home, land, families, mothers, elders, children, creativity, government, society and our relationship to the unknown. Altogether there are about eight activations of these eclipses for the next 18 months, where the transformation occurs!

The July 12th eclipse will most impact those of us with planets or points at 15 to 18 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra.

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The August 11th eclipse focuses on 15 degrees to 21 degrees of those same signs. Wherever these land in your chart is where the Universe is calling you to transform your life.

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Where did the Great American Eclipse land in your birth chart? What are you being called to transform over the next two years? Eclipses are considered the most powerful event in astrology. Wherever an eclipse appears in your natal chart is the area of your life that is calling out for change and transformation. On August 21, , a Total Solar Eclipse in 28 degrees of the constellation Leo passed through the entire United States -- the first time in nearly years.

The USA was the only country in the world in the path of totality - the shadow over the land as the moon completely covered the sun -- hence its name, the Great American Eclipse. Total Solar Eclipses have the most impact of all types of eclipses since they shut out the sun completely as opposed to a partial solar eclipse, or a Lunar Eclipse, where the Earth covers the moon. As such this particular eclipse is a major harbinger of change for all Americans, and anyone on Earth with planets and points around 28 degrees of Leo or Aquarius.

It especially impacts women and children, and sudden, paradigm shifting change. The Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school shooting occurred on the Solar Eclipse of February 14th at 28 degrees of Aquarius sudden, catastrophic change -- exactly opposite last year's Great American Eclipse in Leo ruling children. We saw the important Mars activation of both the February eclipse and the Great American Eclipse in November and will see it again in August , when the Red Planet lines up with that 28 degree Leo Eclipse point - first opposing it this November, then aligning with it in August How the architecture of Washington D.

Cart 0. Each planet will guide you in its own way.

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Listen to the messages and few dreams will go unfulfilled. This week, most Ariens fare better than most. Suddenly, it all makes sense. After midweek, look out for new ways to increase your income. A painful situation is coming to an end.

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Thankfully, the worst is over and you can now recover some equilibrium. If necessary, reach out to friends for help. A kindred spirit may present an exciting proposal or opportunity. Sure, you prefer to be your own unique mastermind.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Right now, teamwork can prove profitable. Ironically, this comes at a time when the issue in question hardly seems to matter any more. Or so you thought. Feeling tired? Take this week to nurture yourself. Find a spa and pamper.

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There are more urgent matters in your own back yard to attend to. Should a close friend or relative request help, offer support - but in a way that encourages them to become more independent. Worrying about income makes no difference but it could attract dishonest individuals. There are plenty of sharks out there all-too-happy to feed on trusting Librans. Stay silent about your income and expenditure. Daily routine is happily abandoned when you fall into the company of exciting new friends. For singles, the cosmos conjures up someone especially interesting.