Gajakesariyogam astrology in telugu

The GajaKesari is the combination of two words; Gaja and Kesari. So as the name suggests, the yoga gives the native the toughness and vigour like a lion, also majesty and dignity of an elephant. Gaja-Kesari Yoga is formed when Jupiter Guru is placed in a kendra position i. There are some differences among various scriptures. Gaja Kesari yoga is formed when Jupiter is positioned in a kendra from the lagna or from the Moon, and be conjunct or aspected by another benefic and is not debilitated, combust and in inimical sign.

The native will be wealthy, intelligent, endowed with virtues, will be a king and splendorous.

Gaja Kesari yoga is formed when Jupiter is posited in a kendra from the Moon. Also, Moon should not be combust and weak, and is aspected by the benefic planets Venus and Mercury, not being debilitated the yoga gets strength. The native born in Gajakesari yoga will be energetic, will have much money, and gains, will be meritorious, intelligent and loved by the king.

Kesari yoga is formed when the Jupiter is in a kendra position to the Moon.

The native will destroy his enemies like a lion. He will address the assembly with wisdom, intellectual and noble way.

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He will be ambitious, passionate and emotional in his behaviour. He will be long lived, intelligent, well reputed and successful in his endeavours. According to Jataka Desh Marg , Gaja Kesari yoga cancels and destroys the negative effects of other yogas like thousands of elephants are killed by a lion. The native will be very rich, head of his community or head of the village, city or the country and will be very long lived.


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The result of the Gajakesari yoga are not unique. Dear Sir, I have Jupiter and moon conjunction in 12th house.

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    GajaKesari Yoga - Effects, Calculation with examples

    Is this combination is benefic? I have jupiter in 4th house in cancer sign and moon in 7th house in libra then what affect will give gajakesari yoga. I have gajakesari yog. Im 7 house.. Iam 24 years old when good time start? I have moon in 1st house and Jupiter, mars and Venus in 4th house is that gajakesari yoga.

    I have gajkesari yoga in 12th house and dhanu lagna what will be the effect. Gaja means elephant and Kesari means lion, elephant and lion both are most powerful in forest and you can imagine when they will come together how much power they can deliver. This is general meaning which we you found in many charts but all are not king why? Yes because of this big why from audience, I had written this article for you guys. Gaja kesari yoga vedic astrology shows angular position Jupiter moon, Gajkesari Yoga can take place when Jupiter and Moon is in quadrant from each other gajakesari yoga jupiter.

    Here is much confusion and loopholes are there such as where Moon should be in Kendra from Jupiter or vice versa, so I will start gajakesari yoga analysis and discuss this gajakesari yoga details in gajakesari yoga in kundli. This is the reason many astrologers take lagna chart ascendant into consideration for this yoga. Gaj Kesari Yoga effect or gajakesari yoga benefits.

    Who is born with Jupiter moon Yoga destroys enemies, like a lion kills.

    What is Gaja Kesari Yoga and How it affects you

    The person attains governing position. But alas, often gets diluted and does not give promised results.

    Learn Astrology in Telugu Budhadithya Yoga Gajakesari Yoga

    Gaj Kesari Yoga is combination of Moon and Jupiter are mutually in Kendra with respect to each other. Know the detailed effects of Gaj Kesari Yoga and how it In this video gajakesari Yoga is being discussed. How the affliction reduces it's effect. Also when does this yoga fructifies in a native's life. Karnataka astrology. Details about gajakesari yoga in life. Lion elephant. Gajakesari Gajakesariyoga astrologinkannada. Please visit- yogeshwar Yogas or Unions of Planets are an important aspect of Vedic Astrology.


    When certain planets come together in a house or aspect each other, yogas are formed. This video explains how Gaja Kesari Yoga is formed in a chart. Importance of Gaj Kesari Yoga. Gaj Kesari Yoga is one of the auspicious yogas in Vedic Astrology. This yoga is formed in the birth-chart when Jupiter is in Kendra from moon, i. Know what is 'Gaja Kesari Yoga' and what will be its effect on the 'Kundli'.